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  • Your Result: Christmas 93%

    You really like to buy presents for your family and friends, and you really get into the "spirit" of the season. Or maybe it's just the thought of giving.

    Mine is Christmas! Here is my order from favorite to least favorite:

    Christma s
    St. Patrick's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Hollween(I don't even celebrate)

    Faith A
  • i got valentines day. i hate this quizmaker. i never get any suprise gifts from any secret admirers at school. waaaah! i feel rejection. serious rejection. its so bad i can smell it.

  • St. Patrick's Day. ^-^ But, uh, "get jiggy"?? I am unfamiliar with that phrase.

  • The lovers day???????????????????????????

  • Itsa halloween day . Hooray!!

    jemah jempot

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