Which Hogwarts pet would you have?

I wanted to create a quiz because I could, I love Harry Potter and I may or may not have a tiny crush on Draco Malfoy. I absolutely love pets and I have a cat of my own, Eros.

Pets are an important part of your Hogwarts experience and I hope you like the quiz you are about to take. Remember that wherever you go, whoever you meet, don't let other people tug down your spirit. You are amazing.

Created by: Sammymoon
  1. Do you have a pet already
  2. Do you know the books inside and out?
  3. What colour was Hermione's dress for the Yule Ball?
  4. Who was Ron's Yule Ball date?
  5. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape
  6. Are you...
  7. Will you like this quiz
  8. Do you like Hermione's character
  9. Do you like Harry Potter
  10. Watch. Tessa. Netting. NOW, POTTERHEADS!

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