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  • Which High School Stereotype are you? Your Result: Emo!!Okay, so you got emo! Don't be upset. Some people just get into the whole black-wearing, black nail polish, anti social thing! You're your own person and have your own style!! Don't change!Nerd!!Stoner !!Prep!!!Which High School Stereotype are you?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

  • Dude!!!! On behalf of all the stoners anywhere everywhere of any time period. You need a smoke man and stop stereotyping i love life wear black and listen to metal i have friends im in college and i did great in high school i also smoke every day

    Big B
  • There wasn't much variety. I had to choose from the closest of what I could possibly pick in which it didn't relate to me at all. I don't do drugs, but I don't hate my life. Yet I'm not a little preppy skank with all my little popular people in my "clique". Yet I'm not a snorting straight A nerd.

    I'm a metalhead and I'm friends with everybody.

    Fail quiz.

  • I got Emo but there wasn't any choice there! Basically you could see what you were going to get before you got the results which, in my opinion, is really boring.

  • BUWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! !!!! NUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! !!!! I AM NOT A PREP!! I WILL NEVER BE A PREP I HATE THEM AHHHHH!!!! AND WTF?? YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE MY STEREOTYPE ON THE STUPID THING!!!!!WTF?? im srsly a mix between nerd, prep, and emo!!do you not have any good answers? emo, stoners, preps, and nerds arn't the only kinds of ppl out there ya know!! you're basically leaving out half of everybody!!

  • I got nerd, my second closest was emo


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