Which Harry Potter witch would date you?

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I love Harry Potter, and I have a crush on many female characters. I love Ginny, Luna, Hermione and Cho, and those are the possible answers because they're my crushes.

Next year, my dad and I are going to Florida to go to Universal Studios! I'm going to Harry Potter world! I watch the movies all the time, and I love the books so so so much!

Created by: Virgil Potter

  1. Do you enjoy Quidditch?
  2. What house do you want you're girl to be from?
  3. Are you a boy, girl or non-binary?
  4. Are you romantic?
  5. Be honest - do looks matter to you?
  6. What would your first date be?
  7. Would she ask to date you, or would you ask to date her?
  8. What would you first kiss be like?
  9. Are you gay, lesbian or any other part of the LGBTQ+ community?
  10. What's your favourite book?

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