Which Harry Potter House Are You in?

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Here's a nice Harry Potter House Quiz that will surely find your house quickly. Are you a brave Gryffindor? Or a kind Hufflepuff? Or perhaps a wise Ravenclaw? Or slythy?

A few questions might be doubled, I know it's hard to pick! Just be absolutely honest. It's fine if you don't get your dream house… just don't do the answers for your dream house! Here we go!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. You live in a nice cozy house. Will you want neighbours?
  2. Speaking of your house, where would it be?
  3. Four packages are in front of you. You pick up the…
  4. Next, you will pick up the…
  5. Your friends want to give you a surprise. Next thing you know, all of them rush towards you and kidnaps you to a room. Your first reaction…?
  6. After that, no matter what you did in the previous question, they get you into a room, and touch a portkey. They also put a blindfold on your eyes. You enter a garden. What do you do first?
  7. What do you examine in the garden after doing whatever you did before?
  8. After that, your friends tell you that you have to go back. You say…
  9. You're back at school. It's a free day. You get to choose any 5 subjects to study. For No.1, you choose…
  10. No. 2 is…
  11. No. 3
  12. No. 4
  13. Last one:
  14. Now, you also get to choose one teacher, from anytime, to teach DADA. Who do you choose?
  15. At the end of the day, there's a game round in your house teams. The first game is to announce your favourite teacher. You say…
  16. The game is to say your best friend. Only one. I'm only allowed 8 slots, so if none are here, click none of these and vote in the second round.
  17. Second round…if you voted for the first round, click none of these.
  18. Next is when you say your dream house.
  19. And your fav color…
  20. Then your lucky number…
  21. When you die, you would like your friends to call you…
  22. Which secondary characters is your fav here?
  23. How was the quiz? PS: Your answers won't effect the result, just be honest!
  24. Alright, thanks for feedback! Now what do you THINK you will get? PS: Again, this does not effect the results!
  25. OK, bye!

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter House am I in?