Which Harry Potter character are you?

Harry Potter is a bit awesome and I'm sure if you are taking this quiz then you must agree!!! Unfortunately this won't make you any more magical than you already are but you can have fun anyway!

Have you always wondered whether you'd be smart enough to be Hermoine? Evil enough to be Voldermort? Ginger enough to be Ron? Well this is definitely the quiz for you!

Created by: jazzyangel

  1. What is your favourite spare time activity?
  2. What is your favourite animal?
  3. What best describes your group of friends?
  4. What is/was your favourite school subject?
  5. Out of the following, what is your favourite colour?
  6. What would be your ideal job?
  7. Some one falls over in front of you, you would...
  8. What would be your ideal Christmas present?
  9. What is your favourite food?
  10. What super power would you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?