Which Harry Potter character are you?

Which Harry Potter character are you?! Are you head in the clouds Luna? Or Misunderstood Draco? This quiz will tell u. By the way its my first quiz so i would really appreciate it if you enjoy it and share it. Thx \(º-º)/

If you take this test i would be grateful if you rate it. Im just gonna hope that you rate it something good. ☆★☆★☆★. Also tell your friends, share it. Other people would hopefully like to know who you got. Sorry if your not happy with who you got, but its just who you are. ;D

Created by: Amy Jones
  1. If you could would you marry Harry/Hermione?
  2. Have you met any of the cast?
  3. What house are you in?
  4. Who is your favourite villan?
  5. Who is your favourite good guy?
  6. If you said none of the above on the previous question, choose one from this question or choose other
  7. Do you believe Snape was a bad man?
  8. Which is your favourite Weasley?
  9. Who is your favourite character from the cursed child?
  10. Who would you marry if you got the chance?
  11. Do you find Harry a bit of a show off?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?