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  • Your Result: Lily

    you are most like lily! you have a wicked sense of humour and are very protective of your family and best friends. you're great at keeping secrets, love skateboarding and being glam and girly. you're a real all-rounder!

    i dont like skateboarding and dont dress really girly. a little tho. and lily doesnt either. Glam,, yes i love glam. ;] the rest is true!

    Puppy xo1
  • I got miley cyrus sweet I dont care what any one says she rocks oh and talhulabear you may be the first one to comment but im the secound and I hate you miss I dont like your quiz take that b----.

  • Well i luv u talhulabear i hate miley too she is skanky Like mandy i wish selena and demi would have whoooped them I got miley but I hate her so die miley or hannah or whoever you are kiss my but Mariah u are a b---- ha take that hoe DIE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lily. well since i don't really like hannah montana at all i just picked random answers and i don't really care wat i got. BTW i was first to comment! :)

  • i love the tv show and i am not afraid to go up and sing in front of an audiance,

    i got hannah and i think i am alote like her
    i love this quiz


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