Which Habbo Are You Most Like?

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There are many Habbos playing Habbo.com Which one are you must like? This quiz was based on MY Habbo experience. Are you nice like carlyfurb or are you such a noob like Emilyyyxoxo?

Or are you quiet, shy and ignorant like taliahtaliah? You're about to find out, I suppose! This quiz is VERY accurate so please take! If you don't play Habbo, good on you! I quit this game weeks ago since those two girls were giving me a hard time!

Created by: dani123

  1. Someone is dissing your friend in your room at Habbo Hotel. You...
  2. Someone randomly added you. You...
  3. Someone wanted to trade with you but you see that they have no good stuff. You...
  4. Do you consider yourself as a nice Habbo?
  5. You see hate mail on your message board. You...
  6. What color hair do you have on Habbo? (No effect)
  7. Someone kicks you out of the room for no reason. you...
  8. What color eyes do you have in real life? (no effect)
  9. Do you love animals?
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Quiz topic: Which Habbo am I Most Like?