Which guy is yours?

Everyone knows several great guys. Everyone knows at least one guy who is daring, brave, and adventurous. Smart, funny, and sensitive. Clever, witty, and protective. Handsome, risky, and loving.

Out of four fantastic guys, which one is perfect for YOU? Take this quiz and find out which guy is right for you. Find out what that guy is like and discover something new.

Created by: Bri and Em

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  1. If you were in terrible danger, how would your guy react?
  2. How would your guy react if you were dying?
  3. What is your guy's best feature?
  4. What is his personality like?
  5. It's your birthday, what does your guy do?
  6. If you found out that you would never be able to see eachother again, what would he do?
  7. You were saying goodnight, what would he do?
  8. It's Valentine's Day, what does he do?
  9. What is your song?
  10. He takes you shopping, what does he get you?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is mys?