Which guy are you.

Do you ever wonder I wonder how girls see me? Well if you take this quiz you will know are you the bad boy or the nice guy or badish boy or the niceish guy

I just needed to say all of the guys that Im mentioning are from my school if any of you stumble upon this somehow this is how I think of you P.S. not all of this is right its just from my perspective

Created by: Brooke

  1. Are you friends with everyone?
  2. If there was a girl that liked you how would you react
  3. Are you a generally funny person
  4. Do you try to go outside your comfort zone?
  5. Do you try to annoy girls that you know
  6. How many sibling do you have
  7. Do you take a lot of risks
  8. Random question are you a girl
  9. What do you think of yourself as
  10. Which name do you like better

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Quiz topic: Which guy am I.