How well do you know Tegan?

I am a kind and honest person and i love to have fun! i am down to earth and a sweety! i stay true to who i am. i am the kind of girl who listen's to what people have to say and if you need someone to talk to i will help if i can. i like people who are different and mad! i like to be different myself and live life to the max!

Do you think you know me? are you a stranger or a friend or are you the best of friend to me? take this quiz and find out... if i know you you better do good! maggots!! hehe

Created by: Tegan of up close and personal
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  1. what do i most like doing?
  2. What do i have?
  3. Am i religious?
  4. What kind of person am i?
  5. Do i do what i want?
  6. what do i like more?
  7. what words make me feel weak in the knees?
  8. what do i think is my best feature?
  9. Who is my favourite pop star?
  10. My favourite singer?
  11. My favourite colour is?
  12. Am i honest?
  13. What do i love to write?
  14. what do i always practise for in the future, if i become famous!?
  15. What is my favourite romance song?
  16. what age would i want to stay forever!?
  17. Where do i want to live when im older?
  18. what do i love more?
  19. what do i find most attractive about people?
  20. All my life i have always wanted one thing and never had second thoughts about it, what is that 1 thing?
  21. What do i always do just before i go to bed?
  22. what do i hate most about being a teen?
  23. where do i like to go more?
  24. Last question, What is my favourite T.v show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tegan?