Which Greek Immortal Are You Descended From?

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The Greek and Roman gods are very interesting, and when they fall in love with humans, they have demigods. This quiz is designed to tell you which Greek god or goddess you are descended from.

This quiz maker only gives me 10 results allowed. I left out Hera and Artemis because both are maiden goddesses (Hera will only have children with Zeus), and also Hestia because she prefers no romantic relationships, but I had to leave someone else out too, so I chose Dionysus, the God of Wine, as describing that personality may be hard, especially following code of conduct.

Created by: Anonymoose

  1. Your eyes are:
  2. Your hair color is:
  3. Somebody steals your stuff when you are in the bathroom. You know who it is. Do you:
  4. Your fashion is:
  5. Rate your looks (honestly please)
  6. People in your friend group love:
  7. One thing people hate about you is:
  8. Are you closer to your mom or your dad?
  9. Have you ever cheated?
  10. Your weapon of choice is:
  11. Lastly, which immortal are you most attached to?
  12. You main hobby is:

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Immortal am I Descended From?