Which Greek God Are You?

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Which Greek God are you? Have you ever wondered what Greek God you are? Take the Greek God quiz and find out what Greek God you are. Are you Zeus, Athena, Ares? Take this quiz and find out!

Take this test and find out which Greek God you are. Are you Athena, the Goddess of wisdom? Zeus, the God of lightning? How about Poseidon, the God of the sea. Find out!

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  1. Which of these games would you play to pass time?
  2. Which type of movie do you watch most?
  3. Which of these things do you most enjoy doing on your free time?
  4. Which of these super powers do you want most?
  5. Which of these outdoor activities would you enjoy most?
  6. If a Greek God granted you a wish to make one of the following things come true, which would you pick?
  7. You would paint your room which of these colors?
  8. Your friend wants to buy you a drink, what do you order?
  9. If you were in an ancient battle, which of these one things would you want to be able to have?
  10. Your favorite place in your house to hang out in is:
  11. You go to buy a t-shirt with a bird logo on it, what t-shirt do you buy?

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