Which Golden Age DC Hero Are You?

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The DC superheroes of the Golden Age (i.e., WW2) were an especially iconic lot. Which one most closely matches your own preferences and idiosyncrasies? Take this simple test, and find out!

(Sorry we didn't have enough room to include every conceivable Golden Age DC Comics character as a possible choice in this quiz, incidentally. Space limitations.)

Created by: Reginald

  1. If you could pick any one skill or super power, it would be...:
  2. What was it that ultimately set you on the crime-fighting path...?
  3. Your arch-enemy would most likely end up being...:
  4. In your secret identity, your preferred job would be in...:
  5. If you could choose your own preferred sidekick, it would be...:
  6. Your one fatal weakness, as a crime-fighter, would be..."
  7. If they were to make a 1940s film about your super-exploits, the most likely star they could pick to play you would be...:
  8. What's the one standout feature of your preferred superhero costume...?
  9. The ideal house pet for someone like you, all things considered, would most likely be...:
  10. If you should ever (*choke*) fall in battle, the song you most want them to play at your funeral, as your coffin is lowered into the earth, will be...:

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Quiz topic: Which Golden Age DC Hero am I?