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  • Wow ever since I started taking these greek god parent quizzes, I've always gotten Apollo. I guess that's accurate cuz I ABSOLUTELY HATE gloomy days! I love warm, sunny days when there isn't a cloud in sight. That way I can sunbathe and play outside! I also have a musical talent with instruments like the piano, and I've been told I have a good singing voice, although I like piano playing more. I also love animals(I LOVE cats the most, and I've tried archery a few times. I'm really good at it too. So yeah, I guess you could say that I'm the daughter of Apollo lol

  • Which god or goddess are you a child of?
    Your Result: You're a child of Artemis!

    You are much like a child of Athena, but know that any girl is twice as better than any stupid guy. You make sure that your kill is the juiciest and you can win any fight with your eyes closed and and your hands tied behind your back.

    You're a child of Athena!
    You're a chld of Poseidon!
    You're a child of Zues!
    You're a child of Hades!
    You're the child of Apollo!

  • Wow on every quiz I get Athena and I love reading and would like to become an author

  • yay! i'm child of Athena! she is totally awesome! i'm with Annabeth from the percy jackson seires! that is so freakin awesome! loved the quiz!

    x aka mrlq x
  • You are a child of athena

  • @x aka mrlq x

    So do like it or is it just a nother boring quiz


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