which fruit are you?

there are many wise,witty,and bold people! but only one can be a genius.a genius is someone very very smart and can solve complex problems!!! you got a good point of view.

are YOU a genius? you can be any fruit but,only one.if your this or that.believe me trust me take this quiz and in a couple minutes EXCITEMENT will happen.

Created by: arijana
  1. what is your height?
  2. what is your favorite color?
  3. how big are you?
  4. are you sour?
  5. what kind of fruit would you be?
  6. do you like annoying orange?
  7. what vegetable would you be?
  8. if you were a fruit how much money would you want for people to buy you?
  9. are you juicy?
  10. what mood are you right now?

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Quiz topic: Which fruit am I?