Which friends character are you?

All friends fans know the series. And they have probably wondered what character they are most like. And now we can see who we really are like.

This quiz will tell you which friends character you are most like. Until now you could wonder. But now you could find out. Take this quiz and you will get an accurate result.

Created by: Naligirl

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  1. Your friend tells you that she is pregnant, even though she is single. Do you
  2. Your friend is getting married! Do you
  3. You have fallen in love with your best friend even though they are dating someone. Do you
  4. Your friend is trying to organise their apartment. Do you
  5. Your friends relative died. Do you
  6. Your friend got a new job. Do you
  7. You hate one of your friends boyfriend/girlfriends. Do you
  8. Your friend has a crush on you, even though you are seeing someone. Do you
  9. You have a crush on your friends girlfriend/boyfriend. Do you
  10. Your sibling wants to get married. Do you

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Quiz topic: Which friends character am I?