Which friend of mine r u

Everybody is different so let's see who u r which one of my friends has the same personality as you. You can find your identical twin. Just what this world needs another freak.

Who are you? Do you know? Have u ever wondered? Now it's time to find yourself. Thanks to this wonderful quiz in a few minutes you will soon find out. Enjoy

Created by: chloe

  1. What word sums u up
  2. What do u look 4 in a guy
  3. What kind of grades do u get
  4. You are daydreaming in class again what r u thinking about
  5. What do u always carry around w/ u
  6. What's your favorite band
  7. It's lunch time what do u get
  8. U have to get a paper signed because u r failing what do u do
  9. If faced w/ a problem what do u do
  10. What u think of this quiz

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