Which French Singer are you Most Like

Even if you don't like french music you should take this quiz because you never know who you might discover !!! There are many great artists in France!

But which of a small selection are YOU most like? Find out in under 5 mins by taking this quiz !!! Enjoy !!! BYE.

Created by: Anonymous

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's start simply- what colour is your hair?
  2. What do people notice most about you (out of these)?
  3. Which style of music OTHER than French Pop do you like?
  4. If you wore a head accessory, it would be... ?
  5. Which sounds most like you when you are at school/when you were at school?
  6. Which is better?
  7. Which word describes you?
  8. Which name is best for a girl?
  9. Which name is best for a boy?
  10. Do you make plans and change them midway?
  11. DO YOU LIKE EYEBROWS (no impact)
  12. Bye

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Quiz topic: Which French Singer am I Most Like