which fnaf animatronic is you bff?

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this quiz is all about your personality and how it ties into your favorite animatromic's in five nights at freedy's. all these questions are just for fun!

even if you don't like your new animatronic bff form five night's at freddy's i hope that you love my quiz i worked very hard to make it enjoyable. so i hope that you do enjoy it!

Created by: rebekah
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  1. if you knew of what actually happens at night at the pizzeria. would you still take the job?
  2. who's your favorite animatronic?
  3. if freedy popped up in your office what would you do?
  4. how would you greet foxy when he runs down the hall?
  5. what is your favorite animal?
  6. what's your favorite thing about party's?
  7. what would you play in a band?
  8. what's your favorite video game?
  9. OK ROLEPLAY TIME!!: it's 4am and your in your office. it's your second night. it's still pretty calm. until and chica runs to your right door. what do you do?
  10. ok last question you ready?? it doesn't count
  11. if your favorite animatronic is your bff what would you do with him/her?

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