Which Fighter Jet are you?

This quiz asks you questions that closely relate to aircraft so if you're trying to get a certain aircraft, look at small details, that will help you with getting that aircraft.

The F-22A Raptor is a single-seater double-engine all-weather stealth superiority fighter designed by Lockheed Martin and Boeing which has Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofan engines capable of going 35,000 pounds of thrust for each engine, which adds up to 70,000 pounds of thrust. And it can go Mach 2.25 with the power of super cruise, which is very good for such a fighter but they lowered the speed due to the lack of stealth capabilities. The F-22A Raptor has a radar capable of tracking and locking on to multiple enemy fighters simultaneously. The stealth on the F-22A Raptor is like trying to find a very small pin in a hay bale. The F-22A Raptor wingspan is 44.5 ft, 62 ft, in length, and 16.6 ft in height. The F-22A Raptor weighs a maximum of 83,500 lb. The range on the F-22A Raptor is 1,850+ miles with 2 external fuel tanks. The F-22A Raptor has advanced flight controls and high-performance thrust-vectoring engine enabling extreme maneuverability. Features include six LCD color cockpit displays, APG77 AESA radar, EW system with RWR and missile launch detection, and advanced COMM/navigation and data links. There are currently 185 F-22A Raptors in inventory with 195 of them in total. F-22A Raptor first took flight on Sept. 7, 1997 in Marietta, Georgia, after six years of development. The F-22A Raptor ended its production in 2011. It has delivered on its promise to provide unprecedented air dominance. The F-22A Raptor has two currently available missiles, the AIM-9X…

Created by: KIKI
  1. How fast are you?
  2. What is the most important to you as a Jet?
  3. What is something you're most scared of as a jet?
  4. How many engines do you like?
  5. America? Or Russia?
  6. If you saw an enemy fighter, What would you do?
  7. How much ammo would you like?
  8. Are you rather chill?
  9. Would you sacrifice yourself to save someone?
  10. Who is your friend?
  11. How good are you at shooting games?
  12. What would you do if you had an aircraft failure?

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Quiz topic: Which Fighter Jet am I?