which female sonic character are you

just play it, I'll give you a reason to: find out your female sonic character (sonic x edition) I will do more of these once I learn more about other sonic series.

the possible answers are, Amy the (I don't actually know what she is), cream the rabbit, rouge the bat, and cosmo the plant-animal thing (don't really know what she is either

Created by: goh

  1. if you could have one helpful thing about yourself, which would you have
  2. what would your exe be like
  3. what skill do you like about yourself most
  4. when it raining and all your friends are over but you can't go outside
  5. It's snowing and you want your friends over, how do you convince your parent to ask them over
  6. you manage to get them over, now how do you spend your time
  7. you decide to go inside and have :
  8. then you go to your bedroom too:
  9. your allowed to get a new pet which do you choose
  10. your feeling like you need help, who do you turn to

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Quiz topic: Which female sonic character am I