Which Female Glee Club Girl Are You?

Glee is an awesome show. The characters are all diefferent and have diverse personalities? Sometimes people are just like them in a way, but how about you?

Take this quiz to find out which Glee club girl you are most like. You could one of the popular girls like Quinn or Santana or an outcast like Rachel or Tina.

Created by: AthenaRox101

  1. Not to be racist or anything but which of the following are you?
  2. Which of the following are you?
  3. You like...
  4. Popular or outcast?
  5. Fave color?
  6. Would you want to be a cheerleader?
  7. Do you like to sing
  8. Enemy?
  9. Thanks for taking this quiz
  10. Who do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Which Female Glee Club Girl am I?