Which Member Of The Unholy Trinity are you?

The best threesome in Glee are the infamous Unholy Trinity. This group is made up of Quinn, Brittany and Santana, the three best in Glee Club!!!!!!!!!!

But who are you? Are you fiesty Santana, warrior Quinn, optimistic Brittany??? Take this beautiful, amazing? awesome quiz made by me to find out!!!!!!

Created by: Ruby

  1. Which is the most important personality trait?
  2. Would you date?
  3. Pick a song?
  4. Who would be your best friend?
  5. In your friends you are
  6. Fave teacher?
  7. You aspire to
  8. Are you(i can't see this by the way)
  9. Best couple
  10. What will you be doing on a Saturday?
  11. What college in America would you go to?
  12. Like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Member Of The Unholy Trinity am I?