Which female aristocrat would you be in the future.

Have you ever wondered which female aristocrat you would be in the future well you are about to find out. Answer these ten questions truly and you will have your answer.

Are you an elegant empress, a questionable queen, a regal duchess a mischievous countess of a casual lady. Answer these ten questions truly as you spend a day in the life of an aristocrat.

Created by: CC
  1. How do you wake up.
  2. How did you get to school?
  3. What are your best subjects
  4. What is after school or lessons
  5. What are you wearing to the ball tonight.
  6. What is you role in this ball
  7. What are you doing at the ball
  8. You meet a handsome boy there but he’s betrothed to someone of more importance than you.
  9. You fall in love with a waiter but as a aristocrat you can’t marry him what do you do.
  10. How would you rate this quiz

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