Which One Of My Female HP OCs Are You?

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Hihi! So this quiz is related to my other quiz, "Which Of My Female OCs Are You?" except it's my Harry Potter female OCs. There are four possible results: Olivia Hill, Ember Hart, Fauna James, and Seria Foxx.

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll
  1. Hi! Please read the first introduction paragraph
  2. What color is your hair?
  3. What about the color of your eyes?
  4. Which of these personality traits fits you best?
  5. Which of these personality traits fits you best? Part 2.
  6. Choose a children's show(these are all my favorites from when I was little lol they're the best)
  7. Now, choose one of the numbers listed below
  8. Which school stereotype are you closest to?
  9. Now for some Harry Potter questions, as this is a Harry Potter quiz. Which house are you in?(No lying)
  10. Which Hogwarts student would you rather date in the HP universe?
  11. If you found out that you fell in love, how would you react?

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Quiz topic: Which One Of My Female HP OCs am I?