Which FairyTale Do You Belong In???

Do you absolutely adore fairytales? Then the quiz is for you! I have always wanted to jump into my favorite story and interact with the characters. Have you ever felt the same? This 10 question quiz will tell you what fairytale you would most likely be living in.

Don't sweat and do your best!! This Is my 2nd ever made quiz on GOTOQUIZ. WOOHOO!**This quiz is not meant to hurt anyone in anyway, this is just for FUN.** :) :) :)

Created by: Andy Rose

  1. Which place makes you most happy?
  2. Which magical item are you drawn to the most?
  3. Choose a hobby.
  4. Choose a season.
  5. You're invited to a Ball. You wear:
  6. Your greatest Fear would be..
  7. How do you take Notes?
  8. U are..
  9. If you clicked Nothing- ... WHY?(You are a beautiful and very intelligent person)**This Question WIll Not Affect Your Score!!**
  10. Ready for Your Results? :3

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Quiz topic: Which FairyTale do I Belong In???