Which Extinct Species Are You?

Out of every 1000 species that has existed on this planet, 999 have become extinct. Some went extinct for natural reasons, others were destroyed by another species. Which one of the unlucky ones are you?

There are three possible answers: Thylacosmilus, Passenger Pigeon and Bali Tiger. Please note that I have not included the dodo, because extinction is not all about one species. Enjoy!

Created by: Matryona
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  1. Hello. I am your host, and welcome to the quiz!
  2. OK. Do you like being with others?
  3. Next question. Which of these continents appeals to you the most?
  4. Next question. Click on the one that seems most like you.
  5. Pick a reason to die out.
  6. Next question! Pick an element.
  7. What is your greatest fear?
  8. Pick a word
  9. Penultimate question. Freebie!
  10. Thank you so much for taking this quiz. I am thankful; I hope that you like your result!

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Quiz topic: Which Extinct Species am I?