Which Extinct Species Are You?

Over 999 of every 1000 species on Earth have become extinct. I have narrowed it down to five species to test your personality on! All of this information comes from Extinction-Not the End of the World?

Who are you? How did you die? Did humanity kill you (as they did with most species)? Were guinea pigs responsible for your demise? Find out with this quiz! Please note I have not included the dodo as extinction is about much more than just one species.

Created by: Taliara
  1. You enjoy swimming.
  2. You are quite beautiful.
  3. You've had to move house before.
  4. You spend your weekends...
  5. Your favourite food is...
  6. You can't survive...
  7. Your biggest fear is...
  8. Pick an element.
  9. Let fate decide...
  10. Are you a modern person?
  11. What is your favourite country?
  12. And finally...what would you like to be?

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Quiz topic: Which Extinct Species am I?