Which Espada Are You ?

Specific questions which will find which Espada you are flawlessly.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The best test of its kind. You are sure to find which Espada you are without a doubt.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Created by: Aizen-sama
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What feeling would you like your opponent to feel before you kill him ?
  2. " I'm gonna kill you ! "
  3. You are wounded. You stand up...
  4. Your subordinates die.
  5. Your ressureccion would rather be...
  6. " I will fight for my friends ! My soul is with them! " You say...
  7. If you die you will go to...
  8. If you picked hell, what position would you have, in your opinion ?
  9. Was this quiz interesting ? ( NO EFFECT )
  10. You think I was lying when I said NO EFFECT ? (this HAS effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Espada am I ?