Which Encanto Character Are You?

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This Is A Quiz About Encanto, I'm Quiet Sorry I Couldn't Add Bruno Or Abuela( Didn't Wanna Add That Wicked Witch Of The West Anyway). I'm Also Sorry If The Images Don't Match The Character's And That Their Are None For The Picture's.

I Don't Want To Do This So, Brief Announcement: We Stan Augatian For Standing Up To That Fricking Wicked Witch Of The West, I Hope That B!tch Get Arthritis In BOTH Her Knee's!

Created by: Arielle Madrigal.

  1. Starting Off, Which Madrigal Is Your Favorite?
  2. Which Madrigal Is Your Least Favorite?
  3. This Has No Effect: What Is Your Favorite Song?
  4. This Has No Effect: Would You Want To Get Your Prophecy Read By Bruno?
  5. Do You Hate That Mother Fricking Wicked Witch Of The West(Abuela) And Respect The Fact That Augustian Stood Up To Her A*s?
  6. Which Emoji Is Your Favorite?
  7. 1
  8. IDK No More, I Need 10 Question But, F It-
  9. Two More Needed
  10. Last Question: Is Camilo Preaches To You?

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Quiz topic: Which Encanto Character am I?