Which Elemental Wolf Are You?

This is my first quiz. I don't want any hate or I will not making anymore quizzes. I hope you all like this quiz! ^^ :) I don't really know what else to say but, enjoy my Elemental Wolf Quiz!

This is paragraph 2 apparently. I don't know what to say But, I hope you're nice and have a LOT of friends because it will have an effect on this quiz! Oh, and you MUST be honest with all these questions!

Created by: Aubrie

  1. Which Element Do You Prefer?
  2. How Do You Describe Yourself?
  3. How Many Friends Do you Have?
  4. If You Could Be ANY Color, Which One Would It Be?
  5. Would You Be My Friend If You Could?(This will effect your answer!)
  6. Are You Enjoying This Quiz?
  7. You See A Pup And a mountain lion is about to attack it, you...
  8. You See A Wolf Close To Dying Of Starvation, you..
  9. Would You Like It If I Made More Quizzes?
  10. What Would You Do If I Told You This Is My First Quiz?
  11. What Do You Think Your Result Will Be?(This Has Little Effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Elemental Wolf am I?