Which Eevee Evolution am I?

There are many Pokemon in the online game and in the anime, but only a few are very powerful and extraordinary! What are the Eevee Evolutions? They are the many powerful forms that Eevee takes after leveling up to a certain level, and they each hold a certain element.

What element are YOU? Maybe lightning for your wild side? Or earth for you green thumb? Maybe shadow for your untold secrets. Find out for yourself and take this quiz to see yourself alas you truly are, a Pokemon XD

Created by: Darcy
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  1. There is a big party being thrown for homecoming, who will you hang out with?
  2. Big geometry test is coming up, what you going to do?
  3. There's a guy/girl you have a crush on, you want to talk to them but you can't find the words, what do you do?
  4. Prom is three days away, you need a new outfit badly but you're no fashion expert, who will you talk too?
  5. You're on s date and your Bf/Gf leans in to kiss you, what will you do?
  6. You're in the lunch room, what table do you go sit down at?
  7. Your crush asks you for your phone number, what will you do?
  8. Your friend is hosting a slumber party, they invite you. Do you accept or decline?
  9. Someone is bullying you for an unknown reason, what are you gonna do?
  10. You got your final exam grades back, what do you think of your score?
  11. You're in a cooking class and you bring your favorite food to school! What is it?

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