which dream smp member would be your best friend

welcome i guess. you will find out who your best friend from the smp is after taking this quiz. idk what to say now lmao so get on with the quiz and yeah.

have fun and dont complain because do you really think i care. like honestly do you think i care? your opinion is your opinion. if im being honest im just ranting bc i need a certain amount of letters:)

Created by: justfox

  1. do you play minecraft
  2. whats your favourite animal
  3. introvert or extrovert
  4. favourite quote
  5. night or day
  6. favourite colour
  7. war or peace
  8. i need ten questions so yeah just deal w this
  9. i want to sell my teachers because i dont like them, anyone want them
  10. ur done. this was my first quiz but i aint making no excuses why it was this s---. eh my discords justfox#1856 txt me if u want and u aint over 16 (18 max)

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Quiz topic: Which dream smp member would be my best friend