which dream smp member would be your best friend?

ever wonder which mcyt would be your bestie? find out! (all platonical) enjoy! here are some fun questions and fun and swagger and swaggie’s and poggies an

this took me a while! i hope you have a good time while taking it and i also hope you have a wonderful day/ night i have to fill this up or else it won’t list HAHA HELP

Created by: laila chapman

  1. thanks for clicking on this quiz besties! now for the first question: which is your favorite song out of these options
  2. what’s your favorite lovejoy song?
  3. who’s your favorite youtuber/streamer who’s not a result of this quiz 😀
  4. who is your favorite youtuber/streamer who IS a result of this quiz 😀
  5. what’s your favorite number
  6. what’s your favorite deez nuts joke (very important!!!!!!)
  7. choose a hobby
  8. choose a popular quote/ known meme in the mcyts life’s
  9. choose a platform
  10. pick a d!smp character (character in the lore, not based on real streamer)

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Quiz topic: Which dream smp member would be my best friend?