What 'Old' MCYT Are You?

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This is a small quiz to detect what 'Old' Minecraft Youtuber you are! I didn't have enough time to add most of the classics but I tried. If you have any requests to add any 'Old' MCYT please tell me!

If you find any of this offensive please ask me to change it (Unless its the ACAB, BLM RLM or more in that question)What 'Old' MCYT do you think you will get? Have a good day!

Created by: Kitz_Duu
  1. What's your favourite colour?
  2. What do you normally do when you play Minecraft?
  3. What's your favourite animal?
  4. If you could add an update to Minecraft what would it be.
  5. What's your favourite mob?
  6. Which newer Minecraft Youtuber do you watch/like more now?
  7. What's your favourite Tim Burton movie?
  8. Who's your favourite musical artist/s?
  9. What's your favourite game?
  10. Favourite anime.
  11. What's your dream job?
  12. What do you support most?

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Quiz topic: What 'Old' MCYT am I?