Which Dragon Ball Z guy is your soulmate?

Everyone knows about Dragon Ball Z!Whether we like it or hate it,we have heard about it and even watched it. There's movies, anime shows and manga to read,just for us fans!

We'll we all know DBZ, but with whom do we belong? This quiz is for the girls! 'Cause you know, "We run the world" (Words by Beyonce, I do not own) So who is your soulmate?FIND OUT,RIGHT HERE!

Created by: Silver Shadow Wolf
  1. You and your DBZ guy are walking in the city,suddenly you see a child walking in the road.What do you do?
  2. What type of guy do you prefer?
  3. You and your guy are flying very fast and you flew into something very hard.What does your guy do?
  4. Why would you fight evil?
  5. How smart must your guy be?
  6. You care most about?
  7. Who is your favourite character?
  8. Your guy offered to take you on a date. Where does he take you?
  9. How did you meet him?
  10. What is love to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Dragon Ball Z guy is my soulmate?