What characters of Dragon Ball are you ?

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Have you ever dreamed to be in the universe of Dragon Ball ? Fighting with Goku for beat the vilains. Discover which Dragon Ball manga person is you !

SURPASS YOUR LIMITS AND CLICK TO THE BUTTON START THE QUIZ , answer the questions seriously , and discover the result , and training you for the future, GOOD LUCK !

Created by: Aymeric and Adrien

  1. Are you like the transformation of Super Saiyan ?
  2. What is your personality ?
  3. Are you ready to surpass your limits in your life ?
  4. How many times are you training in the week ?
  5. What vilain are you killed first ?
  6. What are you doing with 7 Dragon Balls
  7. Are you bald ?
  8. Are you like adventure ?
  9. Which character would you like to merge ?
  10. What fusion are you like ?

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Quiz topic: What characters of Dragon Ball am I ?