Which Disney star are you?

Remember when you were little? Watching W.O.W.P and S.L.O.D and S.W.A.C? All those Disney stars that seem so famous now? You could be just like them!!

Take this quiz to find out which disney star you are most like? Are you Selena, Demi, Debby, Laura or Chyna? This quiz will tell you which star you are the most similar too, good luck!

Created by: Zoe
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite, of these TV shows?
  2. Which of these describes your style?
  3. What is your favorite song (of these)?
  4. You've been bullied and the bullies call you horrible names. What do you do?
  5. There are five lines. At the front of the lines, there are five former or current Disney stars. Which do you take?
  6. Which guy is more your style?
  7. Which song lyric describes you?
  8. You flip through your recordings and find something you really want to watch. It is...
  9. OMG! I love the movie....
  10. What is your hobby?

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Quiz topic: Which Disney star am I?