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  • Horrible quiz I got Cinderella and I hate her and am nothing like her

    SilverOwl125 Jan 11 '16, 12:06AM
  • I'm 82% Esmeralda

    Beautiful123 Jul 28 '14, 6:27PM
  • i got ariel yayyyy

    jubilee Jul 26 '14, 1:37PM
  • 76% areil

    Mistyangle1 Jul 3 '14, 2:00PM
  • 76% Belle

    skinnyjeans123 May 24 '14, 4:51PM
  • My result was 77% Belle. That actually makes sense!

    districtclove May 11 '14, 3:48PM
  • 74% pocahontas great!that is how i am!perfect

    Anna edwards Apr 9 '14, 2:26PM
  • 80% Belle weird because my name is Annabelle

    Jeffresonthecat Jan 2 '14, 8:28PM
  • Your Result: Pocahontas


    You believe in fate and destiny. You have inner strength and are at one with nature. You are constantly willing to explore new places and try new things and your curiousity is endless. You are determined to follow your own heart even if it means going against other peoples ideas for your future.

    lovehorses99 Sep 27 '13, 4:07AM
  • i got ariel great quiz

    bella7513 Feb 11 '13, 12:29AM
  • I do like pochahauntus, but belle is my fave. Oh well.

    CutiePie22 Nov 22 '12, 7:02AM
  • Sleeping beuaty! *sleeps* lol!

    Buttercuplilly Apr 15 '12, 4:34PM
  • belle :) not my FAVORITE but i like her :)

    LittleMissPunk Feb 26 '12, 11:19PM
  • Esmeralda... I just realized how its such a pretty name ^^

    xxblutixx Nov 4 '11, 4:39PM
  • Belle :D

    LoveHopePeace Sep 6 '11, 11:51PM
  • wow diz iz kool

    avila Nov 25 '09, 6:40PM

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