Which Disney Princess are you?

Have you ever wondered what princess you are? Are you more like Cinderella? Or how about Jasmine? What about Rapunzel? And lets not forget Snow White.

Are you a princess? It only takes a few minutes. 12 easy simple questions. Have fun and do your best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Age and gender do not matter

Created by: luvHungerGames

  1. Do you love your family?
  2. Do you like animals?
  3. DO you like to sing?
  4. Have you ever wanted to be free?
  5. What is your favorite animal?
  6. Ideal Home?
  7. Where would you like to live?
  8. Who would you like to fall in love with?
  9. A handsome stranger just came through your door. Do you...
  10. Are you loyal?
  11. What is your favorite color?
  12. If someone was hurting someone you love and you have the power to stop them one way or another would you...
  13. what color is your hair?
  14. you are walking down the hall when you see a hiden panal. You open it and realize that you shouldn't be in there. Do you...
  15. What is your favorite passtime

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Princess am I?