Which Disney Channel Girl are you?

If you love disney gals... this is the quiz for you! If you love Jessie, Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie or The Suite Life this is a awesome quiz for you!

Are you a disney fan! This cool quiz will tell you if you are Rocky Blue, Jessie Prescott, Teddy Duncan or London Tipton. If you like disney gals this is a good quiz

Created by: randomgal

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi!
  2. What's you're favourite tv show besides disney shows?
  3. Can you sing?
  4. How's your BFF
  5. Serious question...... Sweet or Savory?
  6. Fave color
  7. How are boys?
  8. Favorite Song? (Listen to them!)
  9. Favourite Movie?
  10. List your three fave things

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Channel Girl am I?