Which Descended God are you?

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Just a quiz from a roleplay. So if other people stumble across this uh- hi? hello? Dunno how you got here but yeah.Hearne, God of the HuntCrow, God of FamilyAstra, God of LightLouise, God of ChangeNotus, God of WarApollo, God of the SunDeidamia, God of WrathAnarchy, God of ChaosMim, God of Knowledge

Okay now I have to write a second Paragraph, stupid site :rolling_eyes:Anyways, all results are based off what I think of each character and what I believe they would choose if they took this quiz. If anything seems off or doesn't fit, tell me!

Created by: Sour

  1. You've just arrived into the heavens! What do you do first?
  2. You just met with Life and Death! Who do you like more?
  3. You just start using your newfound powers! What are they like?
  4. Do you have a pet?
  5. God A, a powerful and snarky god, is fighting God B, a protective and generally nice god! Who do you help?
  6. It's quiet in the Heavens today. . What do you do?
  7. Are you a patient person?
  8. Favorite color?
  9. You've been accused of a crime!
  10. Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?
  11. You've just died! What do you do as a Ghost?
  12. Cya later! Tell me who you got in the Discord! :D

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Quiz topic: Which Descended God am I?