Which Descendants Character Are You

Which character are you from the only original Disney movie that I know of, Descendants? Which of the main 4 characters are you.Find out here, you must.

Ok, now you know what this quiz is about. JUST TAKE IT. Don't let your dreams be dreams,just do it! JUST DO IT. Take it or else u will get wrecked.Ok?

Created by: Ben
  1. Who is your hater?(Like,who hates or is annoying you?)
  2. What would you want your hair color be?
  3. Favorite song from the movie?
  4. Hobby/Talent?
  5. Who's your fav actor?
  6. Who's your ancestor?
  7. Would you want to sing the songs in the movie?
  8. Which rhyme or lyrics appeal to you?
  9. Who likes you?(Or, the opposite)
  10. No more stuff to ask sorry.

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Quiz topic: Which Descendants Character am I