Do You Really Know Descendants?

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Descendants is one of the Disney Channel Movies of 2015 it is my favorite movie that is why I made this quiz to have fun and to see if you know descendants as well as i do.

If your going to take this quiz it is the quiz where there is only one correct answer but have fun you will find out if you do or do not know descendants. Take the quiz to find out have fun!!:)

Created by: Janet
  1. What is the very very first song?
  2. Who lets the villains kids go to Auradon?
  3. What do the villains kids go to Auradon in?
  4. When will Maleficent give Mal her full name?
  5. Evie is daughter of...
  6. What color is carlos's hair?
  7. Audrey is daughter of...
  8. What is the very very last song?
  9. What color is Jay's hoody?
  10. LAST QUESTION. Name the four kids of the villains?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Descendants?