Which dere are you? Anime quiz for girls!

In anime, there are many types of "-deres," or people who are lovestruck. This quiz deals with four types of dere: yandere, kuudere, tsundere, and dandere.

So, in this quiz, we will see which type you are! Enjoy the quiz, but first, this is for girls, not boys. I might make one for boys some other time. Also, this is in English. Enjoy!

Created by: GiffanyBipper

  1. You see your crush walking by! You...
  2. Your crush is talking to another girl. You...
  3. He asks you on a date!!! Eeeeee!!! You...
  4. You go to a movie! How romantic! Your crush asks you what kind you want to watch! You say...
  5. Now you are going to get something to eat. What do you want?
  6. You and him go on a shopping spree at the mall! What do you buy?
  7. So, how did you like the quiz? No effect (maybe)
  8. Would you recommend this?
  9. Which do you think you are?
  10. Ready? PS the liking thing did have effect ha

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Quiz topic: Which dere am I? Anime quiz for girls!