Which Days of Our Lives stud is your dream man?

Who is your Salem Dream guy? Which guy in Salem makes your heart race, the one you dream about at night, who you root for on screen, and the one who is right for you? Take this quiz to find out which Salem is right for you! Who could it be? Take the quiz and find out!

Who is your dream suitor? Is it EJ Wells-DiMera? Is it Bo Brady? Is it Victor Kiriakis? Is It Max brady? It is Rafe Hernandez? It is Brady Black? Is it Nathan Horton? Is it Lucas Horton? Is it Shawn Brady? Is it Dr.Jonas? :)

Created by: Sarah
  1. Your mom calls and she is completely freaking out on you. She is stressing you out majorly, going on about the drama in you family. You hang up, stressed out, what does your guy do to help you:
  2. Your ideal first dream date is...
  3. If could pick a girl in Salem, who would you say you are like?
  4. Your love song is...
  5. What movie portays your Love Story?
  6. What type of flower would your suitor bring to you?
  7. What is the one thing your suitor does that irritates you?
  8. Personality wise, which female character is your guy most like?
  9. Your suitor's relationship with his mother is:
  10. Who is the love of his life in Salem (besides you of course)? ;)

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Quiz topic: Which Days of Our Lives stud is my dream man?