which creepy pasta is in love with you

do you like creepypastas,if you do this is the quiz for you,you can find out which creep is meant for you,they will never turn on your back,but we wont know,so take this quiz

which creepypasta is meant for you,you always wanted to know take this quiz and we will find out your question by awnsering this big question,so take this quiz and enjoy

Created by: keira

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  1. hi my name is keira,this is my first quiz,are you exited?
  2. ok slenderman just arrived me:slenderman ask a question slenderman:whats your personalaty like
  3. now Jeff,remember me JEff:yeah whatever me:ask a question jeff:whats your hobby,please say killing
  4. ben drowned,whats up my man ben:nothing much me:going to ask a question ben:how do you think of me
  5. how is my jack lauging jack:im ok me:ask a question jack:whats your fav color
  6. smile old buddy,great to see you smile:woof woof me:i will ask for you,do you think im cute
  7. you see smile dog and jeff the killer with slenderman,ben drowned,and laughing jack.Which one do you kiss
  8. smile dog comes up licks you and smiles what do you think
  9. is there any creepypastas that you want me to know
  10. how did you like this quiz,and bye friend

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