Which clan is your destiny in?

There are four clans on my website take the test and find out which one you belong to! When you get your results go to the page of the clan that you belong to and make a cat! Or adopt a cat that has ??? next to Will be played by

Which ever clan you belong to ... join! You will be accepted gratefully and you will be helping to make your clan strong and well. If you make a queen that has kits you are carrying on the legend that is the clan of your destiny!

Created by: Dancingpaws

  1. What do you prefer?
  2. What would you rather eat?
  3. Where would you rather live?
  4. What colour do you prefer?
  5. Whats better?
  6. What are you most?
  7. Are you a good hunter?
  8. Will you serve your Clan even at the cost of your life?
  9. Who would you rather have as a leader?
  10. Are you ambitious?
  11. Will you kill anyone to get what you want?

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Quiz topic: Which clan is my destiny in?